Concern about the Corona virus, covid-19, has turned everyday life up and down for all of us. For us at Roslagens Sparbank it is important to help our customers in the event that they are affected financially.

  • You, or your company, may in such case apply to have your amortization temporarily suspended

We at Roslagens Sparbank are closely following the development right now. Many recommendations and guidelines are expected to come and we will apply them in the best way possible to support our customers and to ensure we follow our vision of an attractive and open Roslagen in growth.

We hope that you feel safe and secure that we do all we can to help you as a customer! In the event that you have questions about your economy, please feel free to contact us in any of our channels.

Ways to contact us

Changed opening hours in Hallstavik and Älmsta

  • Our bank offices in Hallstavik and Älmsta are open weekdays 10 am- 12 am (new)
  • Our bank office in Rimbo is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 10 am – 15 pm; Thursday 10 am – 18 pm
  • Our bank office in Norrtälje is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 10 am – 16 pm; Thursday 10 am – 18 pm
  • Our Customer Service phone line (0176 – 770 00) is open weekdays 08 am – 18 pm

Stay at home if showing symptoms of illness

Out of respect to you, other customers and ourselves we follow the recommendations of The Public Health Agency of Sweden to stay at home if showing symptoms of illness (and minimum 48 hours after recovered)

Stay safe!

More information in English about Covid-19 at The Public Health Agency´s website